Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Important conference on death & dying in North Texas

“How should Christian people prepare for death, their own and that of loved ones? … in the United States, we tend to avoid the question as much as we can. We consider death to be brutal and tragic, whatever its circumstances and causes. It marks an end to our ambitions, while it underscores the ephemeral nature of our existence. Therefore we treat it like a “last enemy” from which there is no escape, no salvation. Death appears as a specter, a menacing evil, that evokes a reaction of dread.” – From the forward of: A Christian Ending by Dn. Mark and Elizabeth Barna, Divine Ascent Press

These events are free to all. Registration will be at the door the day of the event. Please note, childcare is not available.

Please download the flyer (PDF) for more information.

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