Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please pray for Fr. Thomas Hopko

As has been reported in many place, Fr. Tom's health has not been good of late. Please pray for him. It is telling that even in his diminished state that he is still putting out important commentary on the topics of the day.

I remember when the Latin Church was debating the new translations for the mass in English. In defense of "difficult" words some Roman bishops looked East and said (in summary), "Look. The Eastern Catholics and the Orthodox use these words without trouble. Let's not be afraid of words like 'ineffable' shall we?"

Now again we have the Catholic Church looking to the orient for guidance on another topic. This time it's what to do with communing the divorced. Fr. Thomas' comments on the topic are thought provoking: Orthodox understanding of marriage and of the marriage ceremony is not apples to apples with Catholic understanding. As a result you can't import Orthodox canons on communing the divorced without also carefully importing the Orthodox understanding of marriage.

(AFR) - In light of the debate in the Roman Catholic Church about divorce and re-marriage, Fr. Tom offers the Orthodox view of this topic as well as an explanation of the fundamental difference in how marriage is viewed in Orthodoxy. We are so happy to have Fr.Tom back recording podcasts. Please continue to pray for him.

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