Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fr. Peter Heers on Secularism, Church, and Family Life

You may have noticed that over the years I have been posting Jordanville's recorded talks. They are always thought provoking. There is also an irony immediately apparent for those who have been to the monastery that this is the only seminary in the US regularly putting out video content - there is the mental adaptation one has to make at places like St. Tikhon's and then there is the otherworldliness of Jordanville. Enjoy!

Protopresbyter Peter Alban Heers is the founder and first to serve as editor of Divine Ascent, A Journal of Orthodox Faith, and the founder and current head of Uncut Mountain Press. He is the author of The Missionary Origins of Modern Ecumenism: Milestones Leading up to 1920, as well as the translator of several books, including the Life of Elder Paisios and From I-ville to You-ville. Fr. Peter has a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology from the Theological School of the University of Thessalonica, where he has also completed is undergraduate studies and Masters degree in Dogmatic Theology. He is the rector and spiritual father of the parish of the Holy Prophet Elias in Petrokerasa, a small village in the mountains outside of Thessalonica, Greece. His doctoral thesis, an examination of the ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council from the Orthodox viewpoint, is now available in Greek (from Uncut Mountain Press) and is due out in English in mid-2015.

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  1. This link and the one of Abbot Tryphon addressing the topic of dressing like a priest don't work for me. The link you gave in comments under Abbot Tryphon's video did work.