Wednesday, March 25, 2015

OCCM: Oriental Orthodox form campus ministry

New York, NY (SCOOCH) – The Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches is proud to present its official campus fellowship: Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries (OCCM). Recognizing the need for a spiritual support system for young Orthodox Christians during their crucial college years, the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches imparts its blessing to its official campus fellowship – OCCM – to begin the work of uniting our youth under one banner where they can come together to meet, pray, learn from one another and to enjoy Christian fellowship.

With God’s help and in keeping with the vision of SCOOCH, OCCM will strive to:
  • Unite all existing Oriental Orthodox campus fellowships under a single banner based primarily upon the sacred Orthodox Faith which our ancient churches hold in common rather than ethnic culture or custom.
  • Provide freshman and/or transfer students with a network of Orthodox Christian peers in order help them to maintain their faith while acclimating to their new environment by assisting them spiritually, scholastically, socially, economically and even emotionally.
  • Provide existing Orthodox campus organizations with a forum to share ideas, programs, and events so as to better serve our brothers and sisters under a single united banner.
  • Assist students who desire to start a chapter of OCCM on their campus with the proper steps and support to achieve that interest successfully.
Visit their website here.

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  1. Hmmm... Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries. Somehow, they and Orthodox Christian Fellowship will have to learn to quickly distinguish themselves as unique and distinct, as opposed to appearing as competing ministries (really, there is much they could work together on with the right tools). Misinformed clergy still calling OCF Orthodox Campus Fellowship will have to sort out their acronyms for the sake of students.

    It appears that this is also a long term solution to the "what to do about the Oriental Orthodox in OCF" question.