Monday, May 11, 2015

Divinely wise Cyril & Methodius, teachers of the Slavic lands

(Uncut Mountain Supply) - Obscure Icon Fact #1: Note the scroll held by St. Cyrill in this icon. It actually says nothing but is instead simply a depiction of the alphabet he created and which is named after him. ~ Today we celebrate the memory of he and his brother, St. Methodius. These two Orthodox Christians from Thessaloniki, Greece are famous for their missionary work to the Slavic peoples of central Europe in the 9th century. In preparation for their great mission to the Slavs, the brothers ingeniously created what is now known as the Cyrillic Alphabet in order to translate the Holy Scriptures and other Christian writings into the language of the Slavic people. The Cyrillic alphabet is still used today in over 50 Slavic languages.

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