Monday, May 4, 2015

Let's do something wonderful

Now I'm expecting that when this small mission began their GoFundMe campaign to get a new roof they didn't expect it to get picked up very quickly. By God's grace we have a few thousand people visit this blog every day. Wouldn't it be wonderful to donate any amount of money to swiftly dispatch Holy Resurrection Orthodox Mission's roofing needs so they can go about God's work without worrying about keeping the inside inside and the outside outside?

Donate here today and surprise the heck out of this small mission!
(GoFundMe) - My name is Fr. Alexis Baldwin. I am the priest at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Mission in North Augusta, SC. In October of 2014, I was assigned to Holy Resurrection which is home to a small, but dedicated Mission community which continues to spread the Gospel of Christ and work to establish an Orthodox presence in our area.

We have been blessed to have arrived with an already acquired piece of land.

For the first few months, we worked to secure and allot funds for renovation for a little chapel.

One of the aspects we have discovered about our renovations is that our roof is not in great shape. This pre-existing building that is now our chapel needs updating/renovation work for the roof.

Roof renovation would be completed by the same local contractor who completed our initial chapel work. The new roof would be a metal one, instead of the current worn out shingle one. The total cost of completed work is estimated to be $6,000.

As a small mission community of four or so families, we have pulled together $2,000 in building funds. We have nearly enough to give the down payment required to initiate the work. What we are hoping to accomplish with our gofundme project is help to secure the rest of the funding to complete the work.

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