Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The 19th century Russian Church
Fr. Thomas Hopko (May his memory be eternal!) did a series from within his Speaking the Truth in Love podcast on the role and historical progression of the episcopacy. Before his repose, he had completed 57 podcasts on the topic. His 55th was summarized as "In his continuing series on bishops and Church organization, Fr. Thomas speaks about various clergy figures from that time. He references the book My Life's Journey: The Memories of Metropolitan Evlogy."

In popular thought the 19th century Russian Church has been referenced tongue-in-cheek as the high point of Orthodox practice both liturgo-rubrical and domestic. Lest anyone actually live under such an illusion, I recommend you listen to this podcast. There is a lot to be lauded about that period, but there was also rampant abuse, political pressure, and poverty.

As for the book itself, it sits on my desk in the queue to be read. When I do get around to cracking its spine, I'll post a review.

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