Thursday, June 18, 2015

All Saints of Britian and Ireland, pray for us!

In 2007, the Russian Orthodox Church officially instituted the Feast of All Saints of Britian and Ireland. The Holy Synod decreed that it should be observed annually on the Third Sunday after Pentecost.

O come, all ye faithful, now let us praise the saints of the Isles, the venerable monastics, the holy bishops, the right-believing princes, all the martyrs and the company of holy women, those known by name and those unknown, for truly by their words and deeds and manifold ways of life and gifts of God, they became saints and God made glorious even their graves with wonders. And now, standing before Christ Who hath glorified them, they pray fervently for us who celebrate the splendour of their feast with love.

With what beauty of hymn shall we praise the divinely wise of the Isles, the splendour and adornment of the Church of Christ, the crown of the priesthood, the rule of piety, the never-drying wellsprings of divine healing, the outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit, the streams of manifold wonders which gladden the Isles and all those who seek God. For whose sake the All-Merciful Christ hath cast down the uprisings of the enemy.

Let the earth make glad and the heavens rejoice, in praising your toils and struggles, your spiritual courage and purity of mind, O venerable ones, for ye were not overcome by the laws of nature. O holy company and divine assembly, ye are truly the strength of our Isles.

Complete service text available here.

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