Friday, June 5, 2015

More Stalin "iconography"

About once a year a news story comes from Russia about a new Stalin "icon." As repugnant as they are, they seem to keep getting made and disseminated with startling regularity.

(Sputnik News) - Representatives of the Belgorod Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Church have issued a statement denouncing a painting created in the style of an Orthodox icon featuring Joseph Stalin and Soviet WW2 generals.

Earlier this week, people gathered at Prokhorovka field, the site of a key WW2 battle in Russia's Belgorod region, to hold a ceremony dedicated to the fallen, featuring the painting, entitled 'Sovereign Holy Mother', which shows Stalin and his marshals on Red Square under the gaze of Mary, the mother of Christ.

The painting was carried and transported by vehicles through the site of the battle, passing churches and monuments; a monk priest named Athonogenes prayed for the fallen heroes...
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  1. Weirdos make all kinds of abominable "icons"... Like the one of Cosmos and Damian in a gay embrace... There's a lot of these around the world. I would have hoped this website would have included the quote of the Russian Orthodox church's total rejection of this false image. Instead the stern and direct rebuff is hidden and you have to click the link to continue (even though this site has published much much lengthier posts that did not require clicking a seperate link). This makes me question the admin's motives.