Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hugely important AFR interview with pro-life advocate

God bless Kevin Allen. Orthodoxy in America needs his special brand of journalism.

How did David Daleiden - The Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Expose - make it through those undercover interviews without being overcome by despondency?

The Jesus Prayer.

Ponder that.

(AFR) - In this special edition of Ancient Faith Today, Kevin speaks, in this extensive interview, with David Daleiden, the director of the Center For Medical Progress, the pro-life activist organization that planned and produced the ​expose videos that have shaken the abortion industry in the United States.


  1. Is there a transcript of this interview? Thank you.

    1. Yes. Here.

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  3. A few questions: If 13% of PP are abortions clients, and 50% of their revenue from service fees is from abortion, do I understand it correctly that this means that they charge more for abortions than for their other services? Are the abortions thus "funding" the other services so they can be cheaper? And do the Federally Qualified Health Centers charge the same low amount for those basic services? That seems to be a main argument for people to want to keep PP funding, the cheap services. Thanks.