Monday, August 3, 2015

The Blessed Makrina Project

(Blessed Makrina Project) - Many books have been published about the great elders of recent times. They have impacted and moved us all deeply. They show us that our ancient faith is real, present, and relevant in these times.

The time has come for us to hear the stories of the Holy Mothers of the Church. These spiritual giants lived quiet lives of deep humility and simplicity. They lived lives full of silence and love.

The sisterhood of St. John’s Monastery is currently translating the life and teachings of Gerontissa Makrina. Her story, relating the indescribable suffering that she went through as a child, and the incredible joy that she found in noetic prayer, is important for every Orthodox Christian.

I have had the opportunity to read the transcript of this book, and have been awestruck by her story. God is glorified in his saints, and the story of Gerontissa Makrina, this Mother of so many monasteries, is one that will inspire.

Fiery Furnace Productions is currently in the writing/development stages of a documentary on the life of the blessed Gerontissa Makrina. God willing, we will be traveling to Greece to interview people who were touched by this holy soul.

This documentary will:
  • Help promote the English translation of the book
  • Reveal previously unknown stories of how Gerontissa Makrina touched the lives of the faithful
  • Capture the beauty of Orthodox Monasticism in America and Greece
  • Tell the story of Gerontissa Makrina’s work in revitalizing Orthodox Monasticism
  • Create opportunity to establish an Orthodox voice in the digital video revolution
The project is a daunting one. We will need a great deal of prayer as we embark on this great undertaking. There will also be many financial needs- travel, production costs, etc. Any contribution that you are able to make to help us on the journey, will be greatly appreciated. This story of one holy woman’s life is one that needs to be heard. This year is the 20th anniversary of Gerontissa Makrina’s repose. By telling, translating, and showing her story we can bring this shining example of Christ’s love to a wounded world. Please send your donations to St. John the Forerunner Greek Orthodox Monastery in Goldendale. They are handling the finances of the project. May the prayers of Gerontissa Makrina be with us all! – Innocent Lewis

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