Friday, September 18, 2015

The Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture

(Agora Institute) - The Agora Institute is proud to announce its newest initiative entitled The Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture. In keeping with the Agora Institute’s dedication to engaging both religious and secular voices from various traditions, the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture has been created to cultivate spiritual and intellectual study in the tradition of Orthodox Christianity. Specifically, the center will educate students in Orthodox theology, literature, history, and art, comprising a minor in Orthodox thought and culture.

The Center will be directed by Dr. Gary Jenkins, Eastern University’s John H. Van Gorden Professor of History, chair of the department, and newest Agora Institute staff member.

In order to be a flourishing society, free and honest inquiry and open exchange of ideas is required. The Agora Institute holds that the resources of faith are not inimical to the understanding or attainment of flourishing, and it expansively engages in all domains of inquiry without reservation. We present the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture as just such a resource vital to the pursuit of truth.

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  1. Very interesting. I graduated from Eastern University back in 2011, and Orthodoxy was not even on the radar for most of the students there (it being a predominantly evangelical college). This will certainly change things. God bless Dr Jenkins and his efforts in bringing this to fruition!