Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Met. Mark of Ryazan cleans hospital in service to his people

(Pravmir) - “Traditionally, the Archbishop tries to find time in his busy schedule to help clean hospital wards. No wonder they say that cleanliness guarantees health,“ said the Ryazan Diocese.

The Diocese believes that this sort of work doesn’t just help personnel and establish self-discipline, but also contributes to the recovery of patients.

Another priest and seminary students came along with Vladika to work.

In an earlier interview with Pravmir, Metropolitan Mark spoke about how a priest should serve, and formulated the basic rules of how a priest should conduct himself with parishioners.

“First of all, of course, priests must remember that a man comes to God, not the priest and that there shouldn’t be a cult of personality in the Church. A pastor shouldn’t dominate or repress a parishioner’s identity.

Second — a priest should in no way scare anyone. Once a frightened mother came to me with her daughter. When instructing the girl, the priest had said, maybe you will be hit by a car, and so she became afraid to cross the street.

It is important that a priest explains spiritual truths to parishioners and to encourage them in a Christian life, but not to force them. He should teach to live in a state of freedom and responsibility — and, of course, it is important that a priest’s main goal is to take care of the soul, not his own pockets, ” he said.

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