Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jordanville program now four years

I still remember walking across the street during the deepest part of winter to attend services during Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement (OISM) meetings. Ducking my head against gusts of arctic snow-laden air I thought "Five years of this?!" I say that all tongue-in-cheek, but am happy to see the program streamlined into a four-year curriculum.

(HTOS) - HTOS has received approval from New York State Department of Education to change our Bachelor of Theology from a 5-year bachelor program to a 4-year bachelor program. The revised program is scheduled to begin with the Fall 2016 semester. For a full description, see our Bachelor of Theology page.

The four-year Bachelor of Theology features all of the same subjects as the five-year program. Some courses have been condensed from four semesters to two semesters. HTOS plans to offer advanced courses in those subjects in the near future, thereby distinguishing between a basic survey or overview of a subject, and deeper studies of key aspects or periods of a subject that especially pertain to pastoral preparation and theological education in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

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