Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Milos Konjevich, treasurer of Diocese of the South, retiring

Why am I posting about the retirement of a diocesan treasurer? Because, by all accounts, he was an innovator and a genius with building up the coffers of the diocese while giving the missions a strong helping hand towards permanent buildings and full parish status. Some of his methods are making their way into other dioceses seeking to revitalize and grow.

(OCA-DOS) - As was announced at our Pastoral Conference last week, Milos Konjevich, after years of tireless and selfless service to our Diocese, is now retiring from his position as Treasurer of the Diocese of the South. The Diocese of the South will always remain deeply indebted to the lengthy service of Milos Konjevich, his care for the churches and faithful, and his development of many of the financial programs that have contributed to our diocese’s vitality.

At a Diocesan Council Meeting on December 16, 2015, the Diocesan Council resolved to appoint Carissa Avant and Mary Warnky as Accountants for the Diocese of the South. The Diocese is seeking to fill the position of Treasurer as soon as possible. Until that occurs, some of the functions of the Treasurer will be handled by Carissa and Mary, while others will be handled by Archimandrite Gerasim, Diocesan Administrator, and Archpriest Marcus Burch, Diocesan Chancellor, together with the assistance of the deans.

In general, Mary will deal with communications regarding the processing and recording of receipts and payments and other bookkeeping matters. Carissa will handle communications regarding Diocesan financial reports and financial analysis. Parishes may contact Mary and Carissa either through a shared DOS Accounting Office e-mail address at DOSacctg@gmail.com, or by calling the Diocesan Chancery phone number at (214) 522 - 4149 (listen to the options to select the person you are trying to reach).

Communications regarding obtaining financing from the Diocese or external institutions, regarding building project funding, or regarding new church-friendly loans should be directed to Archimandrite Gerasim, Diocesan Administrator, or Archpriest Marcus C Burch, Diocesan Chancellor. Either can also be reached by calling the Diocesan Chancery phone number (and, of course, their usual mobile numbers).

Parishes’ and missions’ remittance of payments to the Diocese will not be affected by this transition. Parishes should continue to remit loan and managed debt payments in accordance with the payment terms they have negotiated with the Diocese. Tithe, loan, and deposit remittances should continue to be sent either to the Diocese’s PO Box or through electronic transfers. However, a new Remittance Form has been created for parishes to submit along with their payments. The new Remittance Form is attached to this letter, and it should accompany all payments made to the Diocese. It can be submitted in paper form or be e-mailed directly to the Accounting Office (DOSacctg@gmail.com).


  1. Boy, this is the end of an era. Together Milos and his Eminence Archbishop Dmitri of thrice blessed memory left a mark on the Diocese of the South that won't soon fade.

    Congratulations Milos, and thank you for your years of dedicated and selfless service!

  2. He is a wise man, a good man, and someone I am glad to call a personal friend to our family.