Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Georgian Church on Ecumenism

(Pravoslavie) - Following the session of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church held on February 16, 2016, His Holiness Ilia II, Patriarch and Catholicos of Tbilisi and All Georgia announced that the Synod has rejected the document "The relation of the Orthodox Church towards the rest of the Christian world" which was prepared for the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council to be held in Crete in June 2016.

The Georgian Church has also complained about other documents.

At the Great Council the fourteen local Autocephalos Orthodox Churches will take part, and any document not receiving unanimous consent will be rejected.

"The Great and Holy Council is to be held in June ... Our Church will stay with the old calendar ... Our Church was, is and will be a guardian of Orthodoxy. The Georgian Orthodox Church rejects the document on ecumenism drafted for the Great Council. Our Church is that which has saved our country and our people. In the future our Church will stand as a guard for Orthodoxy."


  1. One wonders how many of these documents are the minimum necessary for full agreement where having a "Great and Holy Synod" is still necessary.

  2. how do you know this report is true?