Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More from Fr. Theodoros Zisis on the upcoming Council

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  1. I like this guy! Fr. Theodoros seems like a grounded straight shooter, and he is right too! 40 to 50 years of preparation for a council is unprecedented in the history of the Church.

    In times past a council was called when circumstances necessitated one, and ALL bishops were invited & participated. They fasted, prayed, worshiped, argued (punched each other in the face on one occasion) & with the grace of the Holy Spirit made decisions on the spot via the process of voting. If their decisions were motivated by other sprits then afterwards the Church as a whole body, not just the heads, rejected their decisions, and it went down in history as a robber or bogus council.

    I know that in the past the emperor convened the councils, but its hard to believe that this process is what is required in the absence of an emperor. It just seems far too secular / modern to me.