Friday, March 25, 2016



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  2. While I one with you in affirming the pro-life statement and indisputable fact that a new human being comes into existence at the moment of conception, the comment on the photo in conjunction with the icon of the Annunciation is Nestorian. I hold that the principles of the Apostolic Faith uphold the personhood of the human being in the womb at the moment of conception. However, although our Lord Jesus Christ truly became human at His conception in the womb of Mary, He was already pre-existent as the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. By a miraculous divine intervention, the Divine Person, the Son of God, became fully human, assuming a human nature, but not a human person. Thus, the Annunciation could be highlighted to assert human life beings at conception. But, the word personhood should be avoided. Of course, every other human being is a human person at the moment of conception.