Saturday, April 16, 2016

A new deanery for the Diocese of the South

(OCA-DOS) - The Diocesan Council approved unanimously the formation of the Mississippi River Deanery at the Diocesan Council Meeting of June 27th, 2015 and the Metropolitan, as Locum Tenens, approved this.

Rev. Jason Foster is the dean of the Mississippi River Deanery.

The parishes that will now be listed as Mississippi River Deanery are the following:

St Matthew the Apostle Mission [Baton Rouge. LA]
Nativity of the Lord Mission [Boosier City, LA]
Holy Resurrection Church [Clinton, MS]
Sts George and Alexandra Mission [Ft Smith, AR]
Christ the Savior Mission [McComb, MS]
St Seraphim Church [Memphis, TN]
St John of Chicago Mission [Rogers, AR]
St John of Damascus Mission [Tyler, TX]

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  1. I was in favor of "Delta Deanery" myself... 😉