Friday, April 15, 2016

ROCOR adds petition for persecuted Christians

Important addition and one I'll be using on Sunday. I wish these sort of things got Assembly of Bishops dissemination as well; the family that prays together stays together. :)

(ROCOR-WAD) - With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill a special petition for the well-being of persecuted Orthodox Christians is to be raised up throughout the Western American Diocese.

The petition (PDF), composed by His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany, is a supplication to our Lord God that He would protect the Holy City of Jerusalem, the land of Kosovo-Metohija, Syria, other places throughout the Near East, and in the Ukrainian lands; that all His faithful children, their holy places and homes may be preserved from harm and destruction.

This prayer is inserted into the Augmented Litany at the Divine Liturgy.

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