Thursday, May 19, 2016

Greek anti-ecumenists meet with Bulgarians ahead of Council

(Youtube) - His Holiness Orthodox Metropolitan of Sofia and Bulgarian Patriarch Neophite with his brother bishops received respected Orthodox anti-ecumenism schoolars from Greece, led by Archpriest Theodore Zissis, the Patrologist and Honored Professor at Aristotle's Academy in Thessaloniki. The Church delegation was sent by Greek Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim.


  1. Looks like this council is fostering a different kind of pan-Orthodox unity than what the Ecumenical Patriarch intended.

  2. Oh, come on. "Anti-Ecumenist?" Better to just say "Orthodox." I am so saddened by the attempts to brand some Orthodox opinions as somehow backward or unacceptable, instead of as a healthy and vital part of Orthodoxy and Orthodox dialogue (I said part, not necessarily the whole). Are we going to brand Saint Mark of Ephesus as "anti-ecumenical" now? These differences of opinion and interpretation are the life signs of the Church!

    1. Archpriest Theodore Zisis calls himself that. You can imagine little air quotes over the term if you'd like.