Friday, June 3, 2016

Bulgarians: We're not joking. We're not coming.

(Bulgarian Patriarch) - In connection with the spread on the Internet false and misleading statements regarding the last decision of the Holy. Synod for Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church, 16 to 26 June 2016 Crete (reg. №12 / 1.06.2016 years)

Office of Holy Synod specify the following:
  1. The decision synodal decision unanimous vote and was officially signed by the Bulgarian Patriarch and Reverend Bishops - members of Holy. Synod of the BOC-BP.
  2. The decision of the Holy Synod is categorically: BOC-BP will not participate in the Pan-Orthodox Synod due to already announced reasons.
  3. The decision was sent to all primates of Orthodox Churches.
  4. Cancelled flight of the government plane, which would be moved to the island of Crete delegation BOC-BP.
  5. Make a Bulgarian delegation reservations are canceled and are currently negotiating their favorable finalization.
Let members of the BOC-BP exhibit high ecclesiastical consciousness as trust its sveshtenonachalie and together with the Bulgarian public not to succumb to unnecessary and unworthy manipulation.


  1. This is an Orthodox site. I understand you're not happy about the decision, but I hardly think it's appropriate to insult the entire synod of the Church of Bulgaria.

  2. Glory to God! Thank you Bulgarians! You have answered the prayers of many Orthodox. There is no reason to have this council. If it happens, we will see the type of travesty that resulted from the Second Vatican Council.