Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crete Council - June 21st press briefing

Lots of topics here. The translation system is much improved from yesterday. There is some discussion of Antioch. Also a surprisingly large amount of time on the so-called "diaspora." Amusingly, one journalist frankly explained that these "long reams of texts" are very hard to worth with. The journalists want more direct "soundbites" that they can actually use.


  1. Okay…let’s see. Antioch was ridiculed and marginalized. Dn. John said that Important issues such as “climate change” must be addressed. The Romanian spokesman said that the absence of a Church (or Churches) will not affect conciliarity and that this “Council” represents Orthodoxy as a whole!
    This is propaganda.
    I am witnessing a Robber Council!

  2. Also, Deacon John should know that there are 2 Orthodox Churches in Greece: GOC & EP.