Saturday, June 18, 2016

Influential news agency drops coverage of Council

The extremely influential Romfea news agency has decided to leave the council and not cover it. They cite unreasonable security measures, a system where real journalism can't take place, and a restrictive photography process that only permits photos from the official photographers. Basically, the claim is that this is a highly manufactured "vacation" where it makes no sense to waste reporters who can't properly cover the Council. Given the extremely limited reporting I have seen on the Council so far, this explains what news is coming out of the events in Crete.

( - All these years been a consistent supporter of the embodiment of the Holy and Great Council.

We covered the efforts of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to become one session that will seal the unity of the Orthodox.

We brought, without influences and specific instructions as some attach us to reduce our work, the differences between the Churches.

The first ones we covered events and we brought news that turned out to be obstacles to break the glass between the Orthodox.

Through revealed the rift between Jerusalem and Antioch Qatar, Czech disagreement with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the differences and disagreements between the lantern and Antioch, Russia and Athens, or concerning the Meeting, or not.

We hosted all respects, we disclosed documents and we step in all.

For the story evolves today. For now the Church.

Not about how they broke the Pope with the Patriarch in Ecumenical Councils made centuries ago.

We do not filter any news and blogged on our pages all who were in favor and against this great event for the Orthodoxy.

But reasons to be explained later oblige us to withdraw united by our editorial team.

Firstly, security measures are very strict and there is no access to any area of ​​developments. Even accredited photographers and journalists all you can do is ... to roam with a jaunty tag.

The only people who have access are the official photographers of the Primates and all the others we are in Crete for public relations.

How to cover the event, the mega event? With this material officially given? What information can we have?

It is advisable to understand how there came to Crete ... vacations.

Even bishops without their tag and their pocketbook can not enter a church to light a candle. Which journalistic fact meet we talk?

Secondly, information is given only with the dropper and through official channels of the organizing committee.

Filtered images and texts as if a club meets and is not entitled to any Orthodox to be aware of what is happening in Kolymbari.

As if they have met the strong warming for World Debt (there understand and safety measures) and not Orthodox fathers who want to see that Orthodoxy the following day will move.

How to speak to the hearts of Orthodox believers! How to show that Orthodoxy differs is the Church of love and Christ's witness and not a closed club of people with power and influence ...

So We leave disappointed because there has sense to stay in Crete.

To inform the public and only will host the official announcements given by officers of the Holy and Great Council.

- Emilios Polygeni


  1. Oddly, this feels like the most negative thing I've read about the Council, and I've read a lot of negative things.

  2. The pull-out of Rompheia does not surprise me. This is in line with the fact that the Cretan Synod begins with a cloud and a wounded conscience. ANY missing local church augurs failure of Pan-Orthodoxy. Let the principles be upheld: unanimity of action (established as a basis since 1961), willingness to solve serious defects in the way of holy Communion (Antioch's just grievance over trespass from Jerusalem) and so on. The journalists are a thorn to the assembled hierarchs because they would expose their hypocrisy.