Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Ascension of our Lord

When You came down from heaven, O Savior, to the earth,
and with yourself as God resurrected Adam's form
which was lying down below in the dungeon of hell,
and then to heaven raised it up by Your Ascension, O Christ,
You made it sit with You together
on the throne of Your Father,
for You are merciful and love mankind.

Not parted from the Father's bosom, O sweetest Jesus,
and having lived among those on earth as man,
today You have been taken up in glory from the Mount of Olives,
and exalting in Your compassion our fallen nature,
You have seated it with the Father.
Therefore the heavenly ranks of the Bodiless Powers were amazed at
the wonder,
and beside themselves with fear;
and seized with trembling, they magnified Your love for mankind.
With them, we on earth also give glory
for Your condescension to us and Your Ascension from us;
and we supplicate You, saying:
“At Your Ascension You filled with boundless joy
the Disciples and the Theotokos who bore You;
by their prayers make us also worthy of the joy of Your elect
through Your great mercy!”

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