Friday, July 15, 2016

Also in ROCOR episcopal news...

While this may be a shocking screen capture or simply an amusing one, this process of declaring a "job opening" is consistent with Canadian law requiring a fair chance for local people to get a job when an immigrant is in the mix. Archbishop Gabriel (Chemodakov) of Montreal is going through this immigration process and ROCOR has to jump through this hoop. I'd post the link, but the ad has been pulled: I expect this caused no small consternation to the faithful. Thanks to the reader who forwarded this entertaining link to me. It was good while it lasted.


  1. Does Canadian law actually require that they interview a collection of applicants for the job? That's just silly.

  2. No interview, but do have to prove that they have attempted and could not reasonably fill the job with a Canadian. I believe the same thing exists in the US.

    This is a common frustrating we deal with in my multi-national company. Intent is to protect against a McDonalds like company filling their restaurants with migrants to save money.