Friday, July 15, 2016

Savagery in Nice

The savagery of what was done in France - to strike and drag people with a truck - is beyond my imaginings. I think everyone has struck something with a car and had that moment of panic about it. Whether it be a squirrel or even some inanimate object on the road, the event is still jarring. And of those people I know who have had the great misfortune to have struck a person with their car even at low speeds in a parking lot, there is a haunted look in their eyes when they recall the moment. So it is shocking to think of purposefully plowing into men, women, and children with the express purpose of killing them. Merciful God, save us.


  1. The Byzantine (really just Roman) empire fought for 1,000 years to keep Islam at bay, and so did most of Europe at various points; now their descendants have opened the gates and the results are terrible, even if sadly predictable.

    When you have a religion that was created for and founded on violent conquest, that advocates the brutal murder of those who don't convert or follow it's laws, and promises paradise to those who commit atrocities against "infidels"; there are no human or humane solutions to such a problem. You can't secure your nation if there are already muslims there, you can't fight honorably against people who use human shields, and you can't afford to do nothing.

    Prayer is the only solution one can offer that doesn't involve some level of intolerance, injustice, or cruelty.

    (Because we face an enemy that uses women and children as camouflage, that can convince otherwise normal people to blow themselves up or commit atrocities at random, and is based on a religious system; any attempt to fight them effectively will require some level of distasteful and extreme measures. Prayer is the only humane weapon of peace left to us)

  2. when you let them in.. you have too deal with the consiquences of their decadent culture..!!