Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Orthodoxy in America app

Why why why isn't the Assembly of Bishops in on this thing. If there's one thing the episcopal assembly is good at it is making lists and then putting them up somewhere. They don't necessarily do anything with all this information on legal frameworks, parish locations, monastery numbers, pastoral and liturgical practices, or what have you, but they do have the official data from the jurisdictions on which parish buildings exist where. So I personally had quit using the Orthodoxy in America website in favor of the Assembly of Bishops parish finder but when traveling a phone app would be quite handy.

(OCA) - Priest John Parsells, Rector of Christ the Savior Mission, Berlin, MD, and his associates at Orthodox Web Solutions have developed a new free app—“Orthodoxy in America”—for smartphones and tablets.

“This app is much more than just a church locator,” explains Father John. “It brings together news, social posts, daily audio, and trending photos, as well as video and 360 tours from the various jurisdictions, agencies, seminaries, monasteries, and Orthodox media outlets, including Ancient Faith, Orthodox Christian Network, Pravmir, Pemptousia,, Patristic Nectar, Sister Vassa, Y2AM, and others. News from the Orthodox Church in America and its institutions also are featured in this app, which is offered to help inform, educate and inspire the faithful to live and share their Faith!”

Android, Apple, and Windows versions—totally free and without advertisements—are in the app stores now and may be downloaded free of charge.


  1. It's a good start but there are a few areas for improvement such as a better map and automatic location finding.

    1. I noted that. Having to put in the zip code is not nearly as helpful as hitting a locate me button.