Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oriental Orthodox visit Jerusalem Patriarchate

(Jerusalem Patriarchate) - At noon of Wednesday, the 21st of July/3rd of August 2016, representatives of the Coptic and Ethiopian Churches in Jerusalem met at the Patriarchate.

The representations consisted of the Coptic Archbishop in Jerusalem, His Eminence Antonious, and the Head of the Ethiopian Church in Jerusalem, His Eminence Bab Enbakom and their Entourages – Primates from Egypt for the Copts and representatives of the Egyptian and Ethiopian Embassies in Tel Aviv.

The meeting took place on the initiative and invitation of H.B. Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, with an eye to launching a dialogue on the resolution of the long and very acute status quo problem between the Coptic and Ethiopian Monasteries. The Monasteries are adjacent to the Church of the Resurrection on the east side and to Abraham Monastery on the north side. At the meeting, His Beatitude addressed guests in English, see here.

In His address, Patriarch Theophilos underlined the need to overcome psychological obstacles in order to bring down the walls of differences and allow the beginning of a dialogue for reconciliation and the resolution of the problem.

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