Thursday, September 22, 2016

God protect us from these floods

Oh Master, Lord our God, who in ancient times, didst hear the prayer of thy zealous Prophet Elijah, and didst will to hold back the rain for a time: Oh thou Creator and merciful Lord who loves mankind, look down now upon the humble prayers of us, thine unworthy servants, and in the compassion overlook our iniquities, and, as we supplicate thee for thine own love for mankind, grant good weather unto thine inheritance, causing the sun to shine upon us who are requesting and entreating mercy from thee. Make glad the face of the earth for the sake of thy people, and of infants and cattle and all other living things, which do thou satisfy by thy good pleasure, granting them food in due season. Yea, Oh Lord our God, reject not our prayer as if in vain, neither put us to shame for our hope, but spare us according to thy mercies, and visit us with thy compassions, for our days pass in vanity, and our life grows weak with infirmities.

Destroy us not, therefore, who have attracted thy wrath and indignation toward us, on account of our transgressions, but deal with us according to thy gentleness and according to the multitude of thy mercy. For, behold, with broken soul and humble spirit we fall down before thee, and as unprofitable servants worthy of great punishment, in repentance we cry out to thee with compunction: we have sinned and transgressed; we have committed every iniquity; violating thy commandments, and because of this, all that thou bringest with true judgement. But do not give us over to corruption, famine, and utter destruction, neither let storms of water drown us. Rather, do thou remember mercy in thine anger, and, freely showing tender mercy for the sake of thy compassions, as thou art good, have mercy on thy creation and the work of thy hands, and quickly deliver us from every evil thing.

For thine it is to show mercy and to save, Oh our God, and unto thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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