Friday, September 16, 2016

Update on Greek Archdiocesan changes to the Liturgy

In August I posted some new regulations to be used in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy for Greek churches in the US (see: "Changes a'coming to Greek parishes in the US"). I received a ton of email on the topic. In fact, I still am.

By way of update let me say that it looks like as least three metropolises have stated that these changes are not going to go into immediate effect and that the Greek Holy Eparchial Synod will meet and come out with new standards together which will be released to the parishes.

I hope for a robust line of communication between the parish clergy and the hierarchs as there are lots of good things about the proposed standards (both the new Liturgy book and the changes outlined for the laity in that message from the music federation) there is also a lot of clarification and editorial work to be done.

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