Friday, January 13, 2017

March for Life. I'll be there. You?


  1. I was there! Wore my St. Tikhon's seminary hoodie to stay warm and longed to see another Orthodox person, lay or clergy but only saw Catholic friends and prayer partners from my years before Orthodoxy...Praying someone else Orthodox was there! A privilege to pray the Akathist for one who has aborted a child and the Jesus Prayer at the late-term facility near Presby and then the Jesus Prayer at the Earl Cabell Federal Courthouse where Roe v Wade was filed 56 million holy innocents ago. Catholic priest Fr Kyle Walterscheid gave a compassionate, truth-filled homily worthy of Vladika Dmitri of blessed memory who once said re abortion, "We MUST do everything we can to save a life." We each touched a red rose to be placed by Fr Kyle on the courthouse steps and pledged, "I will always speak for life." Beautiful loving committed people in the crowd. A privilege and blessing to be there. Thanks to my 3 Orthodox friends confined indoors by age and health but beyond space and time in prayer for the event...They and my spiritual father WERE present invisibly...

  2. See you there. I'll look for the St. V people.