Thursday, January 12, 2017

Orthodox parish in Georgia shot at multiple times

A sad state of affairs. The below is the reposted text from the parish's Facebook page (with some small editorializations).

Cummings, GA (Joy of All Who Sorrow) - Our church has been under fire again. The pictures shows bullet holes found on our church sign. The first time the holes were discovered on December 12, 2016. New ones were found today January 11, 2017. Since this is (at least) the second shooting at the parish, I am sure it is not a random incident, and if not stopped, perpetrator(s) will repeat shooting. The police have been informed. We'll have to see if they do anything to find the criminal(s) responsible.


  1. This parish is located just miles from my home. Generally this is a quiet, low-crime residential area in a suburban neighborhood. So bizarre - definitely a work of the evil one.

  2. Could be related to the way our leaders are myopically escalating tensions with Russia for no good reason.

    1. That's my thought. "Cletus, it says Russia on it! Hold my beer and watch this!"

  3. Or it could just be common vandalism...growing up in small town Oklahoma this sort of thing was common - the firearm aspect being minor compared to bags of cement, bowling balls, etc. All fulled by adolescent hi-jinks and alcohol of course. Just a possibility...

  4. America is finally great again.