Wednesday, January 18, 2017

St. Herman Conference sees children from across country

(ROCOR-Chicago) - The annual St. Herman Youth Conference of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America began December 27th, 2016, at a lakeside retreat center just north of Kalmazoo, Michigan. More than forty teenagers, seven clergymen and six chaperones assembled from across the diocese and beyond – from Texas north to Minnesota and from Oklahoma east to Maryland.

The conference set out to focus on “The Orthodox Witness in a Technological World” by examining this theme through a series of talks: Curating the Thoughts You Share (Mat. Ann Lardas), What is Friendship? (Fr. Michael Carney), Science and Orthodoxy (Fr. George Lardas), Cyber Bullying (Fr. Deacon Alexander Petrovsky) and On College, Keeping the Faith, and How I Almost Lost Mine (Misha Moibenko). Each speaker spoke with faith, passion and enthusiasm, along the way sharing a valuable pearl or two from their own experience with the audience. Engaging conversations followed both immediately after each talk and in more informal settings...
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