Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bp. Irenei of Sacramento receives marmite in Oxford

This evening St Nicholas Orthodox Church in Oxford was honoured to welcome His Grace Bishop Irenei of Sacramento to their parish. Bishop Irenei started his church ministry in 2007 as our parish deacon, took part in the consecration of St Nicholas Church in 2010 as a priest and today presided at a molieben to St Gregory the Theologian as a bishop. At the end of the molieben, Fr Stephen greeted Vladyka Irenei and presented him with a tryptic icon of Christ the High Priest, flanked by St Nicholas and St Irenaeus of Lyons. After the service, there was a small reception at which Vladyka Irenei was presented with a second gift: his own personalised jar of Marmite - a uniquely British condiment for which he developed a taste during his time in Britain. Eis pola eti despota!