Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cathedral. Museum. Cathedral. Museum?

Recently St. Isaac's cathedral in St. Petersburg was turned back into a cathedral (it's initial purpose obviously). Some people are opposed to this change and think it should go back to being a museum. I understand the financial implications of this change, but church buildings should be churches and icons should live in churches not museums.

(RT) - Hundreds of people on Sunday gathered near one of the main landmarks in St. Petersburg, Russia – St. Isaac's cathedral, the city’s most prominent religious museum. While one group came to celebrate the city authorities' decision to give the historic building to the Russian Orthodox Church, others protested against the move.

Participants of the anti-transition rally on Sunday were chanting "Museum! Museum!" as they formed a triple circle around the landmark, local media reported.

Judging by the size of the cathedral, up to 3,000 people might have taken part, according to participants' estimates, as cited by the St. Petersburg-based Fontanka newspaper...
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  1. Stolen property being returned to its rightful owners. End of story.