Tuesday, February 21, 2017

OCA Standing Committee for Canonical Procedure meets

I have been known to tut-tut jurisdictions for publishing empty meeting information. Many paragraphs to say, "This group met at this location and discussed things related to the name of the group." The Greek Archdiocese has historically put out many such nutritionally empty posts. The OCA, on the other hand, often gets into the nitty gritty of such events most of the time - just not in this case.

(OCA) - His Grace, Bishop Daniel of Santa Rosa chaired the third meeting of the Orthodox Church in America’s Standing Committee for Canonical Procedure at Saints Peter and Paul Church, Phoenix, AZ February 8-10, 2017.

Pursuant to Article XV, Section 9 of the OCA Statute, the Committee was established to develop general rules for canonical procedures for use and application in Ecclesiastical Courts. The Committee’s work is subject to the Holy Synod of Bishops’ approval and adoption.

The Committee once again considered the practical necessities of Ecclesiastical Courts, particularly ensuring that the guidelines under development will maintain court proceedings that are conducted decently and in good order, as well as assigning particular supporting documents for each member to develop over the course of the next two months prior to meeting again.

Committee members will continue their work separately over the next months and will meet together again at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, Yonkers, NY before Pentecost to finalize the various documents and ensure harmony with other Synodal documents prior to presenting their work to the members of the Holy Synod for their consideration.

Other members of the Committee include Judge E.R. Lanier, General Counsel for the Orthodox Church in America; Ms. Angela Parks, Chair of the Metropolitan Council Legal Committee; Archpriest Alexander Rentel, Professor of Canon Law at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary; and Priest Nicholas Roth, Secretary of the Committee.


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    1. What is being said. What guidelines did they go over? What was decided? What is being developed. We know they met and the general theme, but no material to look at.