Monday, February 6, 2017

Sometimes heartstrings pull you over a cliff

This sort of thinking is what gets you a Porsche and a shanty with tinfoil on the windows. Really, this is dangerous thinking in the extreme. Certainly love, as countenanced in the New Testament, which seeks after God is of inestimable value, but too many Lifetime movies have been made about people who let love rule their decision making to tragic ends.


  1. Unless your heart is a cesspool.....

  2. Very dangerous indeed. Calling it "your heart" makes it sound very noble, but by "your heart" most people mean "your emotions"--a notoriously unstable guide for decision-making.

  3. Hey, are the above two posters Denysenko & Farley per chance?

    This all goes back to the Cartesian Self, sola scriptura, etc., at least in western civ. Most would push it back to the early 19th centurary romantics but it is far deeper than that...

    1. Hello, Jake! Yes, the "Fr. Lawrence" is indeed me. I appreciate your words about the philosophical roots of the sentiment we are discussing.

    2. Hello Fr. Lawrence - Christopher from your blog. Not sure why this Google sign in posts me as "Jake" - I set it up 15+ years ago and never use it except here.

      Recently I had reason to revisit your excellent post "Altar Girls" (things are moving very fast now - most recognize the situation on the outside to some extent but not how this is changing the "mind" of the Church on the inside). In any case realized I had had that exchange with Deacon Nicholas - he had just been to our parish for a visit and some research he is doing. He is a good man...


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