Monday, March 6, 2017

An escape from PB&J, hummus, and celery

One of the most difficult things for most moms during lent is packing a lunch that our kids will actually eat. You know, nothing too soggy, too cold, too brown, too green, too…anything. Which amazes me because when we were kids we got peanut butter and jelly on almost every fasting day and you know what? We ate it! Crazy, right?

In general, my kids are pretty good eaters but when it comes to fasting lunches, it can get a bit difficult to find things that everyone enjoys. The good news is they’re willing to try different things in order to find things they like. Mostly because they know if they don’t they’re going to end up eating the same boring stuff. The only time my kids complain about fasting is when there’s nothing they like available, which means I need to constantly be finding new stuff and making enough of the things I already know they like...
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