Monday, April 24, 2017

Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine visit Johnstown, PA

(Tribune Democrat) - Serbia is among the European nations most afflicted by breast cancer.

For years, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine – from the Karadordevic family – have worked tirelessly to help improve treatment and raise awareness of the disease in their home country.

So, when the couple visited Johnstown on Thursday, they not only met with St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church parishioners and enjoyed a celebration at the Pasquerilla Conference Center, but they also raised funds for two groups – the princess’s Lifeline Humanitarian Organization ( and the local Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center at the Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center – that help in the fight against breast cancer.

“It’s actually quite a major issue in our country because we have a high incidence of breast cancer, and my wife’s foundation has been working very hard,” Crown Prince Alexander said during an interview at St. Nicholas. “Of course, connecting here on this subject is extremely important.”

The royal family has worked with some leading medical facilities, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Mayo Clinic, to help Serbians dealing with breast cancer and other diseases. With donated funds, the princess’s foundation purchased a mobile mammography unit that has provided exams to more than 100,000 women in Serbia.

“Being a woman, I’m partial to helping women stay healthy,” Crown Princess Katherine said.

Along with breast cancer, the royal highnesses have championed many other causes to benefit the neediest people in Serbia. “The humanitarian side needs attention,” said Upper Yoder Township resident Steve Purich, a longtime St. Nicholas member, who previously met the royal couple during a visit to Serbia. “People – I don’t care where you’re from – need help.”

Raising funds for breast cancer research was part of an overall message of compassion and peace shared by the royal couple, who come from a nation that endured World War II, life behind the Iron Curtain and a bloody civil war.

“We live in a world that there’s money for war, but no money for peace,” the princess said. “There is strategy for war, but no strategy for peace. And until we invest in peace, we cannot be expecting peace. And, after seeing the destruction in our country, I’m all for peace. I believe that life is too short and too precious, and every life is important, regardless of where the people live, what color they are, who they are. I just feel that we must unite and really enjoy whatever time we have on this Earth.”

There was plenty of fun, too, during the couple’s visit, including the party with traditional Serbian food, drinks, and music and what Johnstown Mayor Frank Janakovic called a “good friendly Johnstown welcome.”

The Karadordevics are believed to be the first royals to ever visit Johnstown.

“I just think it’s a monumental event for them, for the city,” said Kristina Marinkovich, a member of St. Nicholas’ Circle of Serbian Sisters, who organized the event. “It’s another connection that we have to Serbia. It’s another connection that Serbia has here in America. Really, hopefully, this is the start of a newfound friendship between Johnstown and Serbia.”


  1. Are they princes of what? Narnia? Middle-earth? Westeros?


  2. Got something against royalty, Mike? When the priest begins liturgy, he doesn't say, "Blessed is the republic" or "Blessed is the democracy". He says "Blessed is the Kingdom". We have had too much Prod BS infiltrate our church as it is .

    1. I believe in the Kingdom of God. Not in that bunch of incestuous, promiscuous, lazy and lavish bunch of inbreeds what is called "aristocracy".

  3. You looking for incest, look at the Hapsburgs. The Serbian Royal family is trying to do some good. What about you, Big Man?