Friday, April 21, 2017

The Promise, a film about the Armenian Genocide

Some months ago I posted another trailer for this film and I was able to see The Promise this evening. It was quite good. If you are interested in history or are a parent who wants to inform your children, this is a solid choice; my only caveat being a single romantic scene early in the film. You learn about what it was like to be of Armenian descent before the Turks turned to war, nationalism, and genocide in short order. The religious aspect of life as a non-Muslim in the last days of the Ottoman Empire are not painted with a heavy brushstroke, but you do see their respect for clergy, marriage ceremony, etc. throughout the movie. As with much of the Armenian way of things, they have many unique practices you might not be familiar with which add to the immersive nature of The Promise.

It's suitable for church groups, homeschoolers of older children, and adults alike. Please do go see it and never forget the Armenian Genocide (or the Pontic Genocide for that matter) in which millions of people perished.

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