Saturday, May 6, 2017

Blessed repose, Fr. William George. Vičnaja jemu pamjat’

Fr. William was a true and faithful friend of mine. He was, I think most priests who knew him would agree, one of the best of us. A clergyman that cared for his parish, worked every day to grow the Church, prayed ceaselessly, and never took a shortcut. If there was a Divine Liturgy, you could wager confidently that there was Matins preceding and time for anyone who needed counsel afterward. If there was a major feast, his people and he celebrated it fully and with dignity. We went on trips together for OISM, for OTSA, for clergy events, for weddings, for funerals and our car rides were invariably thought-provoking and comforting in finding resonance with my own thoughts on so many topics.

During services, he brooked no indecorousness for even an instant; his eyes clearly told you that this wasn't the time for a whispered conversation or disruption. At the same time, outside of church he was quick to laugh and it was a distinctive sound that was infectious and devoid of pretense. When he spoke he gave his mind plainly and when he listened he did so intently. When there was a problem to be discussed, his words weren't judgmental but aimed at careful and empathetic discernment. When he came to visit, he made a special point of playing with my kids or helping out in the kitchen. When my son died, he was there too to comfort my wife and me.

Pray with me for Father William, for his wife Amy, for his family and friends, for his diocese, and for the Church in America which sorely needed his vision and heart. My insubstantial prayers are not enough recompense to honor the man he was nor the still greater man he would have grown to become. I need your prayers to indelibly mark the passing of this good and faithful servant and to comfort those of us who today have lost someone so ineffably dear to everyone blessed enough to have known him.

Vicnaja Jemu Pamjat! Christos Voskres!

Where is your passion for earthly things? Where are the changing images which we set before our minds? Where are gold and silver? Where are the boisterous servants and their cry? All is dust, all is ashes, all is shadow; therefore, come, let is exclaim to the Immortal King: "Lord, make Your departed servant worthy of your everlasting goodness, resting him in the blessedness that never grows old."

Johnstown, PA (ACROD) - It is with great sorrow that His Grace, Bishop Gregory announces, the falling asleep in the Lord of Fr. William George, Pastor of Sts Peter and Paul Church of Rockaway, NJ late last evening as a result of fatal injuries sustained in a car accident on Friday, May 5, 2017.

The clergy and faithful of the Diocese are kindly asked to keep the newly departed Priest William and his Pani Amy and their family and the Parish Community of Sts Peter and Paul in their prayers.

A complete obituary and funeral arrangements will be posted as soon as they are available.

May our good God grant blessed repose and rest eternal to His faithful servant, the newly-departed servant, The Priest William and render eternal his memory, Vicnaja Jemu Pamjat!, Christos Voskres! Christ is Risen!


  1. We, at Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Academy in Warren Ohio, will be praying for Father William who has fallen asleep and his wife Pani Amy during the children's daily prayers. With much love, may Father's memory be eternal!

  2. Eternal be his memory. May God as well as all of our prayers help his Pani Amy and their families get through this difficult time. Much love, the entire Keriazes family, Hanover, PA

  3. This is so sad for so many of us touched by his ministry. My son had the privilege to be counseled, taught, and confessed by him at Camp Nazareth over the last two summers. Tears streamed down his face when he heard the news. My gratitude to Fr. William for showing him the path of truth and love. Eternal Memory.

  4. Praying with the faithful. Memory Eternal!

  5. The tomb is empty, He is not there. Christ is Risen!And so is Fr.William.
    Memory Eternal!