Tuesday, May 30, 2017

فقال ماذا فعلت. صوت دم اخيك صارخ اليّ من الارض.

I want you to think of this video when you second-guess crossing yourself at a restaurant or before you step on the field to play sports or wherever someone might see you. No one is going to shoot at you like they did to these little ones on a CHILDREN'S CHURCH TRIP to a monastery. Those moments are as certainly tests for you as they are the Scantron sheets being filled out by students in schools across this country as the last days of school approach.

I've received some comments and emails asking why I'm covering these "schismatics" (or other such terms). I have no patience for such criticisms. These are women and children with the name of Christ on their lips as they lay bleeding to death in the sand. If your faith is so caustic as to wonder why I weep for the lives of these innocents, I would remind you of the words of the Father in Genesis.

And the Lord said, "What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood cries to me out of the ground."

Whether it was our hands or someone else's, it is clear that blood is God's - not ours to spill or ignore when so vengefully shed. They say that Christians are Islamic State's "favorite prey." May God have mercy on those men who killed His people and may He soften their hearts to see the truth of what they are doing.


  1. The video is no longer available.

    I heard there were stupid comments going around about the fact that they were Coptics as opposed to Eastern Orthodox. While, true, the Church also recognizes martyrs who weren't even baptized Christian at all. These people died because they were Christians. Period. We can get into Christological debates all day, but on a different day. The fact is they died because they were Christians and the Islamics didn't care what they're understanding of Christ's human and divine natures were.

    They were Christians. They were killed for being Christians. That's all that matters. We have faith in God.

  2. CYC keeps taking it down, editing, and reposting it. It's frustrating.

  3. Unfortunately this "caustic faith" is widely spread. Lord, have mercy.

  4. This is for Lee. Look, Buddy Roe, I hold no brook for the Moslems who butcher Christians. However, that does not erase the Monophysite heresy. Does that sad fact that they were killed erase their heresy. I don't think so. A great many Ukrainian Catholics were killed by the Soviets. I strongly condemn the Soviet atrocities without embracing the Papist heresy to which Ukrainian Catholics belong. Can we agree on that?