Monday, May 8, 2017

Further diminishing the vital roles of mothers


  1. Arguments along this line of reasoning are just nuts. Literally insane.

    I had to explain to my kindergarten daughter the other day why a little boy in her school who now identifies as a female, dresses like a girl, has long hair & painted fingernails is not actually a girl. My daughter was confused stating that this child says he is a girl & looks like a girl. After I explained that this child actually has the penis & testicles he was born with I then asked if that made this child a boy or a girl. After a brief pause she had a horrified & confused look on her face & answered: "A boy".

    I never dreamed I would be having conversation of this nature with my little kids...

  2. And our society slips down further and further.....

  3. God help us! This is coming out about the same time as articles saying scientists are trying to create artificial wombs, removing women from the process entirely.

  4. They are combining two different issues in this video. People should be more sensitive to women who have trouble breastfeeding...because it IS so natural it is devastating when it doesn't work out. It is great that there is something relatively safe to give to babies when it is truly needed. (My son had to have mostly formula, but not all). But to combine this real practical issue with the "gender politics" is just so sad!

    I am so sorry you had to have that conversation with your kindergartner daughter...

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We are living in a time when our social values are in the process of being inverted...

      I agree with your point. We certainly need to be sensitive to mothers when it comes to the struggles of breastfeeding, and guilt or coercion should never be used to manipulate mothers into breastfeeding. I agree with your distinction that this issue & "gender politics" are being conflated: very sad, indeed.