Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's in a name? That which we call a rose...

Over the years, having travelled a bit for school, seminary, parish assignments, and the like I think I've found a pattern of sorts to the names you'll find.

OCA Diocese of the South? There is at list one child named Seraphim milling about.
Greek Archdiocese? Elenis for miles.
Heavily convert populated? One guy named Photius for sure.

People, help me out with some other regional/jurisdictional name markers that I'm missing.


  1. ACROD: It's Pani, not Matushka.

  2. Not just one name, two! Antiochian convert parish: Mary Martha, Mary Michelle, Mary Tanya, have your trendy baby name AND a saint name ;) I'm teasing in good fun

  3. Antiochian (at least from the old countries): George and Elias.

  4. Alaska: Yako/Yeako/Yago & Olga/Golga/Olinka