Sunday, June 4, 2017

My knees!

A blessed Pentecost to you, dear readers. Kneeling prayers are an impactful (literally) reminder of our reverence for the Godhead and for the responsibility entrusted to us by Him. At the same time it's a promise of hope in the direction and support of the Paraclete. Blessed feast to all!

May Christ our true God, Who emptied Himself, leaving the bosom of the Father to assume our mortal nature and deify it, then ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of our God and Father; Who sent the Holy Spirit, co-eternal divine and of equal power and glory, upon His holy disciples and Apostles, thus illuminating them, and through them the whole universe, through the prayers of His all-holy and blameless holy Mother, the holy, glorious, illustrious, divine heralds and Spirit-bearing Apostles, and of all the Saints, have mercy on us and save us in His goodness. Amen.


  1. Where is the Theotokos in this iconic?

    And who is that standing at the bottom?