Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cum hoc ergo propter hoc

(Old Church Slavonic Language) - I would really like to know who was the person who started the myth that Cyrillic evolved from Glagolitic, or that Cyrillic was a later phase of Glagolitic. These are two unrelated alphabets that can't even be transliterated one on one. They look nothing alike!

Glagolitic was created ex nihilo by Saint Cyril, making it a conscript (constructed script), and Cyrillic is just Greek supplemented with Hebrew letters, and only imitating Glagolitic letter order at the end.

I would really like to know who started this myth, because people keep perpetuating it, and even calling old types of Cyrillic as "Glagolitic" because they assume it only looked different from modern Cyrillic types.


  1. There is a theory, that Glagolitic evolved from pre-Cyril Slavic alphabet.

    But IMO the worse myth is saying that Cyril and Methodius had anything to do with Cyrilic.

  2. The Hungarians had a virtually runic alphabet that has similarities with Glagolitic, so there were prototypes out there for Cyril to adapt. ( Although I rather think that Glagolitic looks like something found in a wrecked flying saucer. Alien conspiracy, anyone?)

  3. I have it on good authority that CIA was involved.