Monday, November 27, 2017

Doing the happy dance with Lems Shoes

As someone who wears cowboy boots most of the time (when not going hiking or otherwise exercising), it has always been easiest for me to just order Ariat or Justin boots (in black of course) when the need arises.

Recently, however I've needed to do a lot of walking (graveside services, hospital visits, etc.) in all kinds of weather and also have something that works in the altar. I'm not giving up the boots mind you, but I am delighted to have found something that is both comfortable and not a cause for lay panic ("Are those CROCS, Father?!").

So, if you want some very comfortable shoes that will serve for almost every occasion, give Lems Shoes a try. I'd recommend the "Mens Nine2Five Black." It's 30% off today (but worth it at full price if you miss the sale). If you have wide feet or just want some extra room in the toe box (All-Night Vigil certified), these are the way to go.

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