Sunday, November 5, 2017

With faith, with love, & without gesticulations draw near

When I see people do the big bows and crosses before and after communing, I want to direct them to an unused church school classroom for them to watch an instructional video on the dangers of moving all over the place while someone else is holding a cup one-handed with no easy way to escape your wild movements. "See how her hand just brushed against the spoon causing it to go skittering across the solea?"

Cross your arms, state your name, and walk away reverently and quietly. Anything else could be catastrophic.


  1. One of my godsons once tried to cross himself after communing at Jordanville Monastery. Before he could raise his hand to his forehead, an elderly Russian woman who happened to be standing by, stepped forward and smack his hand downward. He never made that mistake again. Get yourself a resident babushka, she keep the communicants in order.