Thursday, December 7, 2017

joint Jesus-Mohammed birthday celebration at UK church

(Christian Institute) - A Church of England church in London has come under fire for holding a joint birthday celebration for Jesus and Mohammed.

The “Milad, Advent and Christmas Celebration” took place on Sunday at All Saints Church in Kingston upon Thames.

In a promotional flier, the church said the service was “Marking the birthday of Prophet Mohammed and looking forward to the birthday of Jesus”.

The hour-long service included time for Islamic prayer and was followed by the cutting of a birthday cake.

Prominent Christian blogger Archbishop Cranmer castigated the church for its lack of reverence for Jesus.

He said the church was “rejoicing in both, eulogising both, solemnising both, glorifying both, honouring both”.

Cranmer questioned this “sensitively missional” approach, saying that exalting Mohammed in churches effectively proclaims that Mohammed is greater than Jesus.

He wrote: “Every time a church accords Mohammed the epithet ‘Prophet’, they are rejecting the cruxifixion, denying the resurrection of Christ, and refuting that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, for Mohammed denied all of these foundational tenets of the Christian faith.”

The church organised the event alongside the Kingston Inter Faith Forum and the South London Inter Faith Group.

Earlier this year, a passage from the Koran denying that Jesus is the Son of God was read during a service at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow.

The passage claims that Mary was “ashamed” after giving birth and that Jesus spoke to her from his crib.

At the time, the Revd Dr Gavin Ashenden, then chaplain to the Queen, referred to the reading as “blasphemy”, saying: “There are other and considerably better ways to build ‘bridges of understanding’”.


  1. I hope when Prince Charles becomes king, that he pulls a reverse of Henry the VIII.He embraces Orthodoxy and eliminates Anglicanism as the state church. Let them go their own way, which seems less and less to be the Christian way.

    1. I hope porter will pour out of my tap instead of water. And my hope is more probable.

      What's with so many Orthodox being exited about that inbred family of heretics, apostates and loafers s beyond me.

  2. Is it your intent, sir, to dog every post of mine? I'll bet you don't like the New Martyrs of Russia, either? Got what was coming to them,eh?

    1. The weren'i heretics nor apostates. That's a plus.

  3. The anglicans just keep making up weirder and weirder stuff. Just when one thinks they have run out of weirdness they come up with more, almost a miracle of freakishness. I expect most of them would disbelieve the miracle at the wedding at Cana but doesn't their own grotesque imagination prove that some things cannot be naturally explained?

  4. Interestingly enough, while some Imams tell their flocks to wish their Christian neighbors, "Merry Christmas", there are others who say exactly the opposite. Islam recognizes the Virgin Birth, but they consider Jesus as " one of the prophets".
    I heard a broadcast of an Imam saying that to believe God could be born of a virgin is worse than fornication, murder, or drinking alcohol. History has proven that Islam believes in lying to promote its agenda.

  5. They get full marks for loving their neighbor / enemy, though.